Roast Levels

City+: (lightest) The bean at this level is a light-medium brown color and has a rougher surface. This roast level allows for most of the original character of the bean to remain, giving the cup a bright, sweet, light-body fresh flavor. This level also has the highest caffeine content.

Full City: A bean roasted at Full City level is generally medium brown in color.  The beans have expanded and have a smooth surface. Sugars in the beans have begun to caramelize, which for certain beans, allows the character to be best expressed. Full City level roast gives a balanced bittersweet, medium-bodied flavor of ripe fruit.

Full City+: The beans are darker brown with some oils expressed.  Considered a “medium roast”, it still allows some of the origin flavor to show through but with a more pronounced roasted flavor as well.

Vienna: This roast level is common for traditional espresso. The beans are uniformly dark with dots of oil throughout.  The flavor of the roast is becoming more prominent than the bean’s original flavor profile.

French: Beans are a dark chocolate brown with lots of oils on the outside of the bean. French roast gives the cup a thinner mouth feel and bold flavor.

Italian: (darkest) A glossy, very dark brownish-black bean appearance. The bold carbon-like flavor of the roast is the main flavor of a cup brewed with an Italian roast level bean.

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