Current Coffee Offerings


Single Origin

Brazil Organic Mogiana Fazenda:

  • Tasting Notes: cocoa

Columbia Excelso EP (Conventional):

  • Tasting Notes: honey, green tea, cherry

Mexico Organic Chiapas Altura HG EP:

  • Tasting Notes: honey, caramel, orange, vanilla

Guatemala Fair Trade Organic (FTO) HueHue Tenango:  

  • Tasting Notes: juicy baked apple, dark toffee

Honduras Organic Comsa SHG EP:

  • Tasting Notes: caramel toffee, lemon, orange

Sumatra Organic Takengon:

  • Tasting Notes: dark chocolate, earth, creamy

Burundi Ubuto-Karuzi Washed (Conventional):

  • Tasting Notes: milk chocolate, cherry, clean finish

Papua New Guinea Organic Siane Chimbu:

  • Tasting Notes: lemon, lime, dried mango, nougat, herbal

Peru Organic Aprocassi:

  • Tasting Notes: mandarin orange, pear, lemon, chocolate, cocoa, brown sugar

Ethiopia Sidama Organic Wayicho:

  • Tasting Notes: raspberry, herbal, nectarine

Nicaragua Organic Jinotega Olomega Supreme SHG EP:

  • Tasting Notes: lush, velvety, brown sugar, milk chocolate

Rwanda FT Dukunde Kawa Ruli (Conventional):

  • Tasting Notes: citrus, rich chocolate, hint of fruit, sweet syrup, creamy

Peru Organic Norte SHB EP Royal Select Water Process Decaf:

  • Tasting Notes: maple syrup, raisin, dried orange

Peru Fair Trade Organic (FTO) Norte Swiss Water Process Decaf:

  • Tasting Notes: clover honey, brown sugar


SHIFT CHANGE (Breakfast Blend)

Shift Change Breakfast Blend: A blend of Central and South American IMG_2289beans carefully roasted at light (City+) and Medium (Full City+). These two roast levels combine to create a clean, balanced cup with excellent body and acidity without the carbony flavors. Whether your “shift” takes place in a factory, an office or at home, this breakfast blend will get you started off right.

Tasting notes: caramel, dark fruit
Mouth feel: medium body, clean finish

MOKHA-JAVA (Medium Roasted Blend)

Mokha-Java is the world’s first and most famous coffee blend.  The powerful earthy, dried fruit profile of the Yemen Mokha bean combines with tIMG_2293he mellow, smooth Java bean to create a more complex and delicious cup.  One taste and you’ll see why this blend has become a time-honored favorite

Tasting notes: bold, earthy, dark chocolate
Mouth feel: deep full body, complex finish

TRAMPOLINE TIME (Light Roasted Espresso or Drip)

This is a light (City+) roasted blend of beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Sumatra. IMG_2292As an espresso it has a bright snappy citrus start and berry finish with crema galore. As a drip coffee the lighter roast allows the complex floral and tangerine notes to shine. Enjoy this full-bodied, lively, “all-day” coffee.

Tasting notes: honeysuckle, citrus, berry
Mouth feel: round acidity, full body

TEMPER TANTRUM (Medium Dark Roasted Espresso Blend or Drip)

This fantastic blend of beans from Brazil, Guatemala, and Sumatra are carefully roasted to a Deep Full City+ Roast. IMG_2290The combination creates an exquisite espresso or drip coffee with caramel and chocolate notes and lots of crema for a satisfying cup. Soothe the savage beast!

Tasting notes: apricot, dark chocolate, walnut
Mouth feel: full, luscious, lingering

PLAY DATE(Dark French Roasted)

Play Date: This carefully chosen blend of beans from South America, Africa, and Indonesia is IMG_2291designed to showcase the bold, distinctive caramelized flavor of French roasted coffee.

Tasting notes: bittersweet, smoky
Mouth feel: silky lighter body

FRONT PORCH SWING (Swiss Water Process Decaf)

Front Porch Swing: Our chemical-free Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee lets you enjoy all the flavor and IMG_2288aroma you’ve come to love from Playhouse coffee without the caffeine. Go ahead, have another cup!

Tasting notes: clover honey, brown sugar
Mouth feel: syrupy, clean finish

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