Some beans can stand by themselves, but like most of us who have some amazing aspects of our personality we also have some character flaws.  Blending coffee allows a roast master to feature some favorable qualities in a bean, while possibly softening some of the harsher notes.  Often the whole is greater than the sum of all parts.  I have put some time in to develop my own blends which I share with you.  My recipes are below with some cupping notes about each.

Shift Change (Breakfast Blend)

The tradition of sitting around the table and sharing the previous shifts highs and lows, passing on important or just humorous stories wouldn’t be the same without that morning cup.  A clean balanced cup to get your shift started, or to send you home content.

Medic Rage Espresso

Up all night running the normal range from serious life-or-death calls to the I-can’t-believe-you-made-it-this-far life coaching session, this espresso has the right blend of sweetness and bite to calm your ragged nerves.  Even when the truck says “you guys must have had a pretty good night, I didn’t wake up for any tones.”

Blend Your Own

Want more information on blending? Check out Sweet Maria’s Blending Basics

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